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Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Two Turn Tables and Microphone"

So yesterday I decided that i wanted to listen to Boston. well I dont have any CD's of theirs but I have a LP so I cleaned off our record player to listen to it and it wouldnt work :( the Needle or Stylus got broke in our move to manhattan almost a year ago and I need to find a new one. oh the joy. so I took the above photo since I had all my LPs out, notice the relfection of the top albums on to the lower ones? I shot it with Illford HP5 400 ISO at f/4.0 apature and 1/4 shutter using a tripod. I played with the development a little bit but stuck with a 4 sec exposure at f/8 with a 2 filter to bring out the black on the records.

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