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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ok so the title of this blog has the oppiste effect but i wanted to share my picture of the Chaliane Harris series i have. lol. Josh and I decided to sell our trailer in wichita finally and it is like the final final step and there is no going back. but now that i am positive on my major and what i want to do it feel right. and we feel a little bit liberated i think. i also choose the above photo cuz i looks like i am back to reading while i walk to my classes cuz my mp3 player isacting weird and wal mart is being a nazi aobut exchanging it so i have to either deal with it or contact the manufature and you know how long that takes. so we are trying to find the original reciept and the warrently packet they gave us, even thou he said that we will not need it if something goes wrong cuz it is in their system. whatevers. speaking of whatevers almost a year and half ago a friend's BF hit my windsheild in fit of anger and broke it and while we drove away he hit back of my car adn created a dent. well last night i got an e-mail from his askin for ou new info cuz he has to take a check to the da for the damages to my car. :) makes me very happy to know that my windsheild is going to finally get fixed.
"Binded" was also shot inside at a 1/6 shutter and f/4.0 apture. once in the darkroom i exposed it for 4 seconds at f/8 with a 2 filter.

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