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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to my Nightmare

Alice Cooper. Excellent.

simply put wish there was hope at the end of all this. but i fear that there isn't.

taken with Canon XTi on automatic cuz i was trying to get her attention.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abby Road

Taken with my cell phone, which has a 3.2 auto focus lens.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Less than a month. I have 26 days till i board a plan to Paris. EEK. is about right.

Many have asked what is wrong with me lately and instead of repeating myself a million times here it is: I got shafted with my summer aid and i cant get a private loan. what does this mean? basically the $5000 grant i got a while back covered my study abroad fees and hotelish like stays and what not while i am over there, it covered my airfare and the cost of getting my passport. i still need money for tuition for the 6 credits the trip and a class i am taking in august will get me, as well as food and spending money while i am in Europe. the summer grant i got will cover 3/4 of the tuition. and the tuition alone. lucky i have the rest for tuition in savings, but i wont have any food or fun money while i am gone. i have applied for 5 private educations loans, and i have asked everyone i can ask and there is no hope. Some have suggested that i don't take the class in august...if i drop that class i will drop down to part time for the summer and that will cause me to loose the grant i currently do have for my summer aid.

so i had an idea. . . that i am not totally sure i am ready for but i am going to try it anyway. and i need honest options and thoughts about this. I thought about selling a small selection of my work as a fundraiser in a way so that i can have some money while i am over there. here are the ten images i selected:

Too Lip



Lightning Crashes


Stairway to Heaven


Lucky Charm

Walk A Mile

Night Stalker

I would release a limited number of each print, and 8x10 would be $10 and 10x13 would cost $15. Each print will be printed on High quality Luster (matte) finish paper and the title of the work, what number of 10 it would be, my signature and the date would be on the back. This is the first time I would be releasing my work for the public to buy, and i am nervous. so please leave your opinions as a comment or send me a message NMaiBow@gmail.com and Be honest.

If you want to order Please email the Photo title and which size to NMaiBow@gmail.com and from there i will explain delivery and payment. thanks so much!

I appreciate your time, thanks so much.

Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Weeks!

Man what a day! Poor josh has a HORRIBLE cough :( so i stayed home today and took care of him. made a yummy breakfast and a yummy dinner and we watched LOTR...

I went and picked up my new glasses yesterday as well, and josh really like them :) makes me happy :)

nothing much else has been going on just trying to stay in the habbit of blogging everyday. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Hope is Gone :)

I enjoy Slipknot very much. almost as much as KISS and Alice Cooper...ALMOST.

I went to doctor today and she poked me with needles and took out blood and all that jazzy stuffs. just to make sure i have all my immunizations (dude totally spelled that right without help of spell check :) up to date for my trip!! but it was NOT fun, i get to go back Friday for more poking and sticking of needles in my skin. :(

Well the next 48 hours are going to be super crazy and busy. Thursday i have ceramics and AXE and a demo show i am going to try and get to and Friday is another show and getting ready to initiate twelve new pledged in to the fraternity. so so much fun! just busy! and Friday is my baby brothers 17th birthday, and i still remember the day he was born. and i have to miss his b-day :( only fitting because i missed my other brothers 21st birthday :( stupid me for wanting a degree and choosing a college that was so far away... oh well i am ALMOST done so woot woot.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Damn Girl

Ugh that sexy chick song is stuck in my head. help.

T minus 38 days till i leave and i still have so much to do! its stressful!

in the mean time we are baby sitting my in-laws pup, miss snuggles. She is Tootsie's baby girl and they have been playing and playing non stop since josh brought her home on Sunday. Above is a picture i took with my cell phone when she was beggin' me for my food.

anyway i should be working on my paper some more but i am drawing a blank and that isn't good. so i thought i would blog really quick and then go work on my drawing II final project :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had quite a productive day :) I made stuff in ceramics and i drove ma to topeka for her training...pretty much it. oh and i learned that i am just the filler. just a warm body for when the REAL people are not here to help. its annoying.

On a better note i only have forty days till i am in Europe!!!!!!
my blog is at:


so that while i am gone you can keep up with what i am up too. It is also linked to my facebook and about 4 or 5 hours after i post it ports as a note to FB :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Europe Itinerary (Rough)

WHO on earth would do THIS to their Car?! yes those are 26 inch wheels on a crown vic...with those doors like in back to the future car...wtf? lol...anyway here is the "plan" while i am over there.


this is our rough itinerary...on the London open days i want to go see Stonehenge and Abby Road and the guard change at the place. hopefully :)

France, May 24 – June 6
23– Depart Manhattan to Dallas to Paris
24 – Arrive in Dordogne, FRA: initial meetings and course orientation / group workshops / discussion
25 – Day Trip: visits in the area to local sites (Market towns and local museums) – Shooting Day
26 – Day Trip: visits to prehistoric caves – Shooting Day
27 – Day Trip: visits to cathedrals and local museums – Shooting Day
28 – Travel to Avignon via train
29 – Visits to Marseille or Nice
30 – Travel to Lyon via train
31 – Travel to Paris, FR via train: Lumiere Museum in Lyon then travel to Chalon sur – Saone (home and research center of early photography, Daguerre & Niepce)

1 – visit Louvre Museum and Champs Elysee
2 – visit French Academy of Sciences and Diorama Museum – Shooting Day
3 – Shooting Day (tour: Notre Dame, St. Chapelle, Musee D’Orsay)
4 – Discussion and critique over written projects / photographs in Paris
5 – Travel to London, ENG via train (Chunnel)

England, June 7 – June 20
6 – Arrive in London, ENG
7 – Day Trip: Laycock Abbey, Berkshire (home of early UK photo research, Henry Fox Talbot – prepared workshop with Abbey curator)
8 – Shooting Day: alternative visits: National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery
9 – visit National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire
10 – Discussion and critique over written projects / photographs
11 – Open Day
12 – Day Trip: Dimbola Museum (home of early artistic photos and photographer Julia Margaret Cameron)
13 – Open Day
14 – Shooting Day
15 – visit London Galleries (Saatchi, Photographers Gallery, etc)
16 – visit Royal College of London & Autobiograph (early centers of Photographic education and degree granting & Photographic Archive)
17 – visit Tate and Tate Modern Museums
18 – Discussion and critiques
19 – Open Day
20 – Depart London

So in four weeks i will get to see the MONA LISA, STONEHENGE AND EIFFEL Tower!!!!!!! OMJEEZ i am so excited!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Now that it is official i will answer the questions that have been asked :)

I am going May 23rd to June 20th for a KSU Study Abroad Faculty led trip. Armon is leading the trip, and we are going to places in Europe that have a special significance for photography. Like South France, Paris and London and and few other places here and there. I will blog everyday while i a gone and post a pics so that my family and friends can see what i am up to and share my excitement.

Josh is not going, he has to stay here and take care of my puggies :)
The picture above has no relation to the Europe thing, we had a demo show at Roosevelt elementary today for AXE and i took pictures of all the demo stuff. this is during clean up and we was melting the dry ice, per Colette advice :)

Now i am off to go pick up my mommie in Salina so she can spend the day with me tomorrow!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Its been awhile

It has been a long time, i know this but as usual life has been hectic!
This is monkey face we took the kids to the park and they played ball forever.

I will be going to Europe in May and June :) super excited! anyway i plan to blog everyday about what happened and upload some images so that my friends and family back home can see what i am up to. that is the plan anyway!