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Sunday, March 15, 2009

"It's All Relative"

Saturday was awesome! Everyone showed up! All (or most) of the kids were in good moods! I wanted to get a head start on my photography series that is due at end of semester and also I will use for a scholarship thing in the fall. Everyone turned out! It was so warm feeling to know that some of my friends were able to support me in my photography endeavors. These lucky few will always bring a smile to my face now. Hard to explain but basically I used to be a veterinarian medicine major at KSU and ever since we moved up there it hasn’t felt right. This semester I took photo I as a fun class and found out that I can pursue a different passion: Photography, and not have to change schools. It was almost like I won the lotto. But in the past few months I have hinted that I have wanted to do this and it felt like everyone around me was disappointed in my decision to change majors. And it was really hard for me to step up and take what I wanted. But I did it and it felt good! Like I said before having some of my friends show up for this and knowing that they support me really means a lot to me. Anyway from top to bottom they are: Tiffany Page and her two kids, Anastasia and Carl who represented my “single mom”, Keith and Aaliyah Baldwin who was my “single dad”, Jessi, Jeremy and Gage Hatch who represented my “new partents” and Cassandra Boone. Cass’s picture is a little bit harder to explain and I really don’t want to give any of the final outlook away but know that it will be grand. They were all taken with a DSLR Canon Rebel XTi. Then I edited them in Photoshop 6.0 for color or minor fixes that needed done.

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