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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"One Giant Step"

I am officially a Photography/Art Major with Pre-vet option! I went and saw my advisers today and got everything squared away. Funny thing is that when I am done with my pre-vet stuff and about 1/2 way through my art stuff I can get my life science degree if I want. Which prob won’t happen. Lol. I am just super excited! We also had critique in 3D design for our Akari lamps. That was fun I got good and helpful feedback on my lamp. I will post pictures after spring break when we can take them home. Speaking of home I get to go home on friday for 3 days before we take off for texas and my brother in law's boot camp graduation. I am selfishly hoping that we can go to Sea World while we are down there. Super excited :)

"One Giant Step" was taken on the Manhattan Hill with a 1/500 shutter and f/6.7 aperture. I took it for the perspective and lines in it. While in the dark room I had to use a 2 1/2 filter at an f/8 for about 6 seconds while I dodged the bottom step for a second so it wouldn't get to dark.

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