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Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is Happyness

a few sneak peaks at the wedding i shot on the 16Th. i have had a LOT to deal with since then that's why i haven't posted.

and i have decided that i may or may not add a journal entry with pix from now on. but i will start posting pix every day as soon as my Internet at home gets fixed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pain, without love

Just the picture today. enjoy


Monday, January 11, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

well i have returned home. whoopi. no not Goldberg just whoopi.

glad to be home in my own house, my own bed with my stuff around me. my mom was right you may be staying somewhere that feels comfy...but it just isn't home. don't get me wrong i loved the month i spent in the ict with my family. enjoyed everyday of it. just glad to be home. lol.

I had a great time with my friends from home as well. i went out way to many times thou. but it is out of my system and i hope (fingers crossed) that i am caught up and got to see everyone that i wanted to see...minus a few but our schedules never worked out. i wanted to go to the Pub and Anchor one more time but that didn't pan out either. oh thee well.

School starts on thursday...whoopi...in reality i am excited for this semester i have ceramics! whoot whoot. i know i will enjoy that class :)

as for the daily grid its the same ole same ole...cept today was my pups 5th birthday! she got ice cream and cookies as her cake and she got some new toys. we had fun :) she is a mess...and we decided to trim nails and while i was holding monkey he decided he didn't like what his daddy was doing so he bit Mommy....and it HURTS. but i will live with it. we will just have to pay the professionals to do it and that's all their is to it.



Friday, January 8, 2010

HIt me with your best shot

'Ello world!

So i am late. Again. big surprise! lol. Yesterday was awesome, had an old friend over for dinner. well that was the plan. it stared simple...ended up crazy. after running a few errands i got a call from said friend, she was broke down so i offered to come jump her. well that didn't work. either we aer 2 stupid females who shouldn't be messing with cars or her car is really really dead. either way she ended up spending the afternoon with me. and we brought her pup over to play. and the pugs thought she was dinner. so she hung out on the table with us. she is sooo cute! and sweet! had a great night and passed out early again. trying to get my sleeping schedule in order for school next week. :( and to think this is my last free Friday for 16 wks. UGH.

As for today i spent it with maria we had fun. i finally got most of my books for one of my classes, with help from a friend who let me borrow his copy of LOTR to read. he is awesome!I found a OLD copy of the Hobbit and it made me smile :) oh and i got most of my last minute errands done before i return to the north on Sunday :( Now i just need to find the The Wood Wife by Terri Windling.....anyone got a copy i can borrow to read? please? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? oh well.

and on a last minute note i finally fell on the ice today. i got distracted and totally wiped out. it was soo funny :) or i thought it was.



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here we go again

My ma

My eye

Yesterday i spent all day hangin out with my mom. it was great. we havent had a mother daughter day in like forever! anyway we goofed around with cameras and she helped me figure out the 'smokey' eye look...bahaha fail. but i will keep trying i'll figure it out someday. also we started the search for my books for my fable and fantsy class - Hobbit, LOTR, Stardust, Wood Wife and Wizard of earth sea...what a reading list. and naturally we are reading teh hobbit first and i cant find a darn copy of it. i mean come on its the HOBBIT! lol. granted i have read it before but it was been sooo long that i wouldnt remember the details. and i found a volume of LOTR that has all three in it. that will be fun to carry around! lol. also yesterday - just for fun- i looked into what it would cost to spend spring break in miami with was only 440 a person with airfair-hotel and car but the hotel i think was in like a suburb of miami cuz the town started with an H or somthing...IDC it was less that 3 blocks from the coast! FL blue waters i'm ready for ya! now i need about 800 dollars..... do 80 ppl need haircuts?

today should be pretty quite, we are having one of my closest friends over for dinner and she made homeade bread so i am super excited :) have a great day! and bundle up if ur stick in KS like me!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Epic fail


Razer Sharpie


Wow what a day and I have already failed on my promise to post everyday...OK OK so i am only 1 hour and 44 minutes behind from posting on the 5Th. but alas... i am here trying.

Today was pretty busy for me. did a haircut or two, worked on that tattoo, ate chicken noodle soup...homemade by my mama :) met up with maria and had a long talk then off to B's for some more girl talk. lol. that's me Mrs. Dr. Love at ur service. omg did i mention that i got to see KISS on Dec 10Th? ugh it was EPIC. LOVED it! here's a pic:

Freaking AWESOME!

ok back to the present...ugh...had a blast at B's then came home and worked on the tat some more...well trying to i lost the darn measurements for their back so i am kinda winging it but i am sure they wont mind...its not like its permanent or anything lol. ok so maybe it is. lol. i am sure i placed that paper some wheres safe. with hope. tomorrow i hope to spend the day with mom and doing more girly stuff...like finally learning how to do a smokey eye with my make up. fingers crossed! lol

g nite blogger world.


Monday, January 4, 2010

new year....new start

Wow! its been awhile! (momentary pause to sing Staind in my head) ok back again. A lot has happened. ok not really. just thanksgiving, xmas and new years/anniversary. Josh and i have been married 6 years now. go us. Thanksgiving was awesome and we got to see joshs mom and spend a ton of time with my family. Christmas was a blast as well i spent the night at my moms and we opened gifts at midnight just like when we was kids. it was pretty awesome. School ended well. got decent grades, i broke my ankle again and its healed now...in theory. another long story.

My goal for the new year is to post one or two new pictures a day. with a lil tid bit of a journal entry about the day.

so here it goes:

today i woke up really really late. but i have been sick...and it is kickin my butt. i'm thinkin its a sinus infection. whoot. spent the day with mom, goofin on the compy and workin on a friends tattoo design. They want a huge back peice and its going to take some time to get it just right. I have been deising tatts for ppl since my BFF suggested it and we both have fun with it. once i get the concept finshed i will post i promise as well as (if they are willing) the finished product.
well for dinner we are having hamburgers and twice baked potatos....yum!!! off to the store to get sour cream!!

the above pics are of things that are right next to me and where both taken with my new point in school camera its a Canon powershot SD1200 IS...and i love it :)