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Friday, January 24, 2014


There are days when you know what to expect.  You know your going to shower.   Go to work.  Eat food. Love.  Live. Enjoy. Unfortunately at some point your train will get derailed. Life will change. Nothing will be the same.  You will no longer know what to expect. Now they say in time things will get back to "normal" but depending on the derailment reason is likely your "normal" can no longer exist. What do you do?  What can you do?  "Just keep swimming" ?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sir Monkey Face Snotz A Lot

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge
For here a fragrant Meadow grows below a Forest ridge.
A sparkling brook gaily tumbles through this place
And offers a refreshing drink to those who Share this space
The occupants are animals, beloved pets who've gone before.
The humans who loved them, now mourning and heart sore
The animals are happy here; they run frop and play together
With the grassy hills, delicious food and lovely Sunny weather
Animals who were ill, maimed, mistreated, sad or old,
Are restored to health and vigor, they are Joyful and bold.
But their happiness is lacking, for the one thing they cannot find
That very special someone that they had to Leave behind
But days do come and when each pet stops and Cries out in sheer delight
Their bodies quiver, noses sniff high into the air, their eyes Grow big and bright.
Leaving the others they start to run, their Sadness now is gone.
They thought that you would never come, but here you are at last.
You are the center of their world, and now you are...again.
Their happy kisses cover your face, there's a new life to begin!
Your hands caress beloved heads, your heart sings,
You gaze into those trusting eyes, again.
What a wonderful reunion, as you begin to Realize
You will always be together, nevermore to part.
The time for grief is over, no more broken Hearts
You are whole again.
Together you cross Rainbow Bridge, inseparable, Side by side.
And Jesus waits there smiling...... his arms are
Open wide

On Nov 21st 2013 we had to do the hardest thing ever by letting Monkey Face go. 

I am going to misses him so much it hurts and everyday I still feel like my heart rips more. 

Snuggles passed on sadly after complications from a surgery to remove a bladder stone. She is with mom know and they are back together with Tootsie and Gracie and Chester. I wish we could keep them forever but they are forever in our hearts.