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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day three

Today was our last day here in kansas city. We woke up and chilled out ate some breakfast. We then packed up our stuff and loaded the car and checked out. It was a very nice motel thats for sure. 

we got to the crown center and in line for Lego Land and loren was pumped! She kept saying lego mama lego! We got in and took the pictures and went upstairs and it looked very promising! the first spot is where you learn how legos are made and then you get on this ride and go through a forest and shoot creatures and stuff. we got off and bought all our pics and it quickly went down hill from there. loren was too small for most of the games, rides and activities they had for kids. it was very small and just not very stimulating. We did see a 4D movie which was a first for both josh and Loren and they did enjoy that. so it wasnt a total loss but i doubt we will go back to that one. 

after lego land we watched the water in the crown center again then we went inside and got lunch again. we ate at d'Brox this time adn got pizza. it was really yummy! then we walked the center again. bought some candy and wine for maw maw. then we saw a caricaturist and had our caricature done. all we told her was that we wanted a beach scene and that we all had blue eyes. and she drew josh surfing and me holding loren back from the water and i love it. i really do i cant wait  to hang it up in our house. 

sadly our trip was over and we had to go home so we walked out to the car loaded up and instantly loren feel asleep. she was KONKED out! lol. she slept all the way to emporia. then we watched Bubble Guppies to get us home. 

I am so glad we went and that loren had fun. it was her first vacation and first time out of state. even thou it was Missouri we still counted it!  

Day two

Today was so much fun! First we got up and got ready.  Had breakfast Ansgar loaded up to head to the crown center. 

Once we got there we got in line for the Sea life Kansas City Aquarium. After waiting about 20-30 minutes we finally got inside and almost instantly Loren was in love. She ran from tank to tank like a little pin ball! She got to pet a star fish and learn about sea turtles! We got to feel what a turtle shell feels like and what their nests look and feel like. We got to See sharks and rays and watch the rays flirt with everyone by swimming to the top of the water and splashing around. 

We also got to see really bug star fish and eels. We looked at all kinds of jelly fish and seahorses! Loren had so much fun i would defantly take her again. after we picked out some goodies in the gift shop we walked outside and Josh got us a Kahuna Ice (Sno Cones!) and we enjoyed those while we watched the crown center foundtains. 

After some time outside we went inside the crown center and stood inline to try out Fritz the resturant. It is train themed. We waited in line for about 45 minutes but it was worth it. She enjoyed  that place as most as much as she enjoyed the T-Rex cafe. Your ordered your food through a phone that was at your table. then you watched all the trains delever the food to the tables. it was so much fun. she just followed the trains and would yell beep beep as they went by. she really liked it.

after lunch we walked the crown center and checked out all the shops. 

we saw the crayola cafe and shop. checked out the toy store and other neat shops in the mall. 

While loren took a nap we ran a few small errands and then headed out to Tonganoxie to see mom at her friend missys house. loren had a good time therr. she got to run and play with his dogs and see her nana. 

finally we meet joshs cousin at ledgens and ate at a japanese palce called stix. it was very good. We walked the outside mall a little bit then went back to the hotel where we just relaxed and enjoyed eachothers company. and of course loren had a place tackling her daddy lol. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day One

After we arrived we checked in at our hotel.  Loren had so much fun jumping on the beds and exploring the place!

We quickly freshened up and headed to the T-Rex Cafe. Which was pretty neat! They have anamatronic (sp?) dinosaurs and huge fish tanks with sharks and other life size prehistoric animals. It was pretty cool. Pricey but neat. 

After we ate our dinner they brought out a cupcake for Loren and sang to her.  She got embarrassed and hid her face for a second bit she did tell them thank you. 

Finally we explored the gift shop.  Phew $22 for a youth small shirt? No thanks.  We let her build a stuffed T-Rex instead it was cute. 

Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium and another themed restaurant called fritz? It delivers your food on a train.  Pretty cool if you ask me :)

G nite

Birthday trip!

The 17th was my daughters second birthday so we decided to take a trip to help celebrate it.  When my hubby grew up his family took lots of trips and vacations.  This is Lorens first vacation!!

As many know no trip cam start or on time or normal lol.  I was packing our bathroom stuff and Loren was "helping" me. Well she got a hold of joshs razor and cut her lip. Man that bleed forever lol anyway wet got the car loaded and headed out. Thankfully she slept until we got to Topeka so the first part of the road trip went smoothly. We are still about 20 minutes from the motel so I hooked up the portable dvd players and now we are watching bubble guppies. 

For dinner I think we are going to go to the T-Rex Cafe.  I hope she likes it!!