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Monday, January 4, 2010

new year....new start

Wow! its been awhile! (momentary pause to sing Staind in my head) ok back again. A lot has happened. ok not really. just thanksgiving, xmas and new years/anniversary. Josh and i have been married 6 years now. go us. Thanksgiving was awesome and we got to see joshs mom and spend a ton of time with my family. Christmas was a blast as well i spent the night at my moms and we opened gifts at midnight just like when we was kids. it was pretty awesome. School ended well. got decent grades, i broke my ankle again and its healed now...in theory. another long story.

My goal for the new year is to post one or two new pictures a day. with a lil tid bit of a journal entry about the day.

so here it goes:

today i woke up really really late. but i have been sick...and it is kickin my butt. i'm thinkin its a sinus infection. whoot. spent the day with mom, goofin on the compy and workin on a friends tattoo design. They want a huge back peice and its going to take some time to get it just right. I have been deising tatts for ppl since my BFF suggested it and we both have fun with it. once i get the concept finshed i will post i promise as well as (if they are willing) the finished product.
well for dinner we are having hamburgers and twice baked potatos....yum!!! off to the store to get sour cream!!

the above pics are of things that are right next to me and where both taken with my new point in school camera its a Canon powershot SD1200 IS...and i love it :)

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