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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Epic fail


Razer Sharpie


Wow what a day and I have already failed on my promise to post everyday...OK OK so i am only 1 hour and 44 minutes behind from posting on the 5Th. but alas... i am here trying.

Today was pretty busy for me. did a haircut or two, worked on that tattoo, ate chicken noodle soup...homemade by my mama :) met up with maria and had a long talk then off to B's for some more girl talk. lol. that's me Mrs. Dr. Love at ur service. omg did i mention that i got to see KISS on Dec 10Th? ugh it was EPIC. LOVED it! here's a pic:

Freaking AWESOME!

ok back to the present...ugh...had a blast at B's then came home and worked on the tat some more...well trying to i lost the darn measurements for their back so i am kinda winging it but i am sure they wont mind...its not like its permanent or anything lol. ok so maybe it is. lol. i am sure i placed that paper some wheres safe. with hope. tomorrow i hope to spend the day with mom and doing more girly stuff...like finally learning how to do a smokey eye with my make up. fingers crossed! lol

g nite blogger world.


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