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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here we go again

My ma

My eye

Yesterday i spent all day hangin out with my mom. it was great. we havent had a mother daughter day in like forever! anyway we goofed around with cameras and she helped me figure out the 'smokey' eye look...bahaha fail. but i will keep trying i'll figure it out someday. also we started the search for my books for my fable and fantsy class - Hobbit, LOTR, Stardust, Wood Wife and Wizard of earth sea...what a reading list. and naturally we are reading teh hobbit first and i cant find a darn copy of it. i mean come on its the HOBBIT! lol. granted i have read it before but it was been sooo long that i wouldnt remember the details. and i found a volume of LOTR that has all three in it. that will be fun to carry around! lol. also yesterday - just for fun- i looked into what it would cost to spend spring break in miami with was only 440 a person with airfair-hotel and car but the hotel i think was in like a suburb of miami cuz the town started with an H or somthing...IDC it was less that 3 blocks from the coast! FL blue waters i'm ready for ya! now i need about 800 dollars..... do 80 ppl need haircuts?

today should be pretty quite, we are having one of my closest friends over for dinner and she made homeade bread so i am super excited :) have a great day! and bundle up if ur stick in KS like me!!!

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