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Friday, January 8, 2010

HIt me with your best shot

'Ello world!

So i am late. Again. big surprise! lol. Yesterday was awesome, had an old friend over for dinner. well that was the plan. it stared simple...ended up crazy. after running a few errands i got a call from said friend, she was broke down so i offered to come jump her. well that didn't work. either we aer 2 stupid females who shouldn't be messing with cars or her car is really really dead. either way she ended up spending the afternoon with me. and we brought her pup over to play. and the pugs thought she was dinner. so she hung out on the table with us. she is sooo cute! and sweet! had a great night and passed out early again. trying to get my sleeping schedule in order for school next week. :( and to think this is my last free Friday for 16 wks. UGH.

As for today i spent it with maria we had fun. i finally got most of my books for one of my classes, with help from a friend who let me borrow his copy of LOTR to read. he is awesome!I found a OLD copy of the Hobbit and it made me smile :) oh and i got most of my last minute errands done before i return to the north on Sunday :( Now i just need to find the The Wood Wife by Terri Windling.....anyone got a copy i can borrow to read? please? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? oh well.

and on a last minute note i finally fell on the ice today. i got distracted and totally wiped out. it was soo funny :) or i thought it was.



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