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Monday, January 11, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

well i have returned home. whoopi. no not Goldberg just whoopi.

glad to be home in my own house, my own bed with my stuff around me. my mom was right you may be staying somewhere that feels comfy...but it just isn't home. don't get me wrong i loved the month i spent in the ict with my family. enjoyed everyday of it. just glad to be home. lol.

I had a great time with my friends from home as well. i went out way to many times thou. but it is out of my system and i hope (fingers crossed) that i am caught up and got to see everyone that i wanted to see...minus a few but our schedules never worked out. i wanted to go to the Pub and Anchor one more time but that didn't pan out either. oh thee well.

School starts on thursday...whoopi...in reality i am excited for this semester i have ceramics! whoot whoot. i know i will enjoy that class :)

as for the daily grid its the same ole same ole...cept today was my pups 5th birthday! she got ice cream and cookies as her cake and she got some new toys. we had fun :) she is a mess...and we decided to trim nails and while i was holding monkey he decided he didn't like what his daddy was doing so he bit Mommy....and it HURTS. but i will live with it. we will just have to pay the professionals to do it and that's all their is to it.



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