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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hub

Sun Apr 26 in the very early hours of the morn my husband was in a car accident. He broke his hand. this is a mobile picture of the xray they took of his hand.

My husband and his cousin was driving home from a concert and his cousin went to pass another car on the highway and they hydroplaned which caused him to lose control and hit head on to the wall of the highway which shot them across the highway to other side and slammed the back of the car in the other wall. my hub had his seat belt on and only got a broken hand, some stiches in his eye and shin and a few brusies. his cousin got some craxked ribs and soft tissure damage. My Hub has to have surgery friday to fix his hand so please keep him in your thoughts. i am sure he will be fine but surgery is surgery and it is scary!

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