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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Very good Grasshopper"

So i has a wonderful time in Wichita over the weekend, from Thursday on. as i mentioned before. Sunday i spent the day with my grandmother and it was awesome. just a calm quite day. i wasn't rushed and it felt nice. i enjoyed it very much. i am thinking about spending a whole week at home once the semester is over. that way i can see everyone and maybe even go out and party with some "friends"
My female pug tootsie somehow cut her foot sat while playing in my moms back yard so i have it wrapped with gauze and tape and put a sock over it so she don't chew it and she is milking the attention for all it is worth, it is funny because one minute she will be fine and the next she will be limping. she is fine just a deep cut, just deep enough to bother her but not deep enough for it to gush blood all the time.
I finally got my windshield fixed! after a year and half, it is done and it makes me happy :) now i can get my crazy B*tch sticker for it. that will make me happy.

The above is done with a Macro filter on the automatic setting so that i wouldn't loose the shot with my digital camera.

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