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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Seven Sinful Lives"

OH how much of a mess my life has been this past month. My husband is unable to return to work until july 13th, but he gets the pins removed and starts PT on june 4th so that is good news. i returned at my old job and things have changed so much. it is very odd. there are days when it is normal and things run smoothly, but then there are days where there is very much a us vs. them thing going on and i just keep my nose in my book and ignor it all and just cut hair when the guys come in. after being back for a bit i realize how much i relaly enjoyed that job and all the people i got to interact with everyday and how much i missed it. and that was one long as run on sentence. lol. anyway i enjoy being back very much but i am not sure at what cost it will be at. some of the new people that are there are just not right, or feel like they need to control the situation or something. while josh is resting we are staying with my parents which has been another adventure all in its self. we feel so out of place and like we are stepping on their toes or something and i feel like we need to find another place to stay or maybe go home and i'll drive back and forth again for work. cuz there is no way i can make the income i get here anywhere else. i feel lost in a since and i hate it. we have had to depend on our parents more that neccessairy and it is killing me. i am irratable and bitchy and i hate it. i need to win the lotto that is just all there is too it. i hate that life is so controlled by money and status. in the midst of all this mess school ended for the semester and i am awaiting my final grades which scares the hell out of me becasue of what happened last semester. which is why i switched to an art major, or part of the reason.

the above is my final series project i did for photo 1 it is a set up of the seven deadly sins and each print relates to the one before nad after in way hat is hard to explain. i wish i had spent more time with it and made it better, worked with my backgrounds a little bit more and what not. they where all shot with a Canon K2 Rebel with Kodak T-max film and printed in the darkroom at various times and techniques.

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