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Friday, April 3, 2009

"Fairy Glow"

I have been spending a few days with my mom, well I have been trying. wed night I got to town and my brothers and I went to the Disturbed concert that was here in Kansas. It freaking rocked! and I have spend Thur and Friday just hanging out with my mom and plan on spending the weekend with my grandmother. Well yesterday (Thurs) I finally got my windshield fixed and it looks beautiful. then one thing or another kept coming up and i had to keep leaving and didn't get to spend the day with mom. friends needed help and i do not know how to say no. i have become this person that people can run over and i am sick of it. when i need a friend no one is around but when my 'friends' need my help i am at their beck and call and that needs to stop. now i understand that there are some genuine times that a friend needs help and i am all for helping them if it is for real and very serious, but i would much appreciate that they would be there for me when i need it and no one ever is. anyway today (Fri) i got to spend all day with my mom and it has been a blast. we went and got lost in down town Wichita and went to borders and goofed off. it was awesome, i need to come home and do it more often but i just don't have the time and i want to see everyone when i come home. i feel like i am being pulled in a million directions.

The above picture was taken with my digital Canon DSLR XTi using a three second exposure and a f/4 apature using only candle light, i didnt it to test the idea before i used my film camera to take it and i will upload that one at a later date so you can see the differance.

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