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Friday, April 9, 2010


Now that it is official i will answer the questions that have been asked :)

I am going May 23rd to June 20th for a KSU Study Abroad Faculty led trip. Armon is leading the trip, and we are going to places in Europe that have a special significance for photography. Like South France, Paris and London and and few other places here and there. I will blog everyday while i a gone and post a pics so that my family and friends can see what i am up to and share my excitement.

Josh is not going, he has to stay here and take care of my puggies :)
The picture above has no relation to the Europe thing, we had a demo show at Roosevelt elementary today for AXE and i took pictures of all the demo stuff. this is during clean up and we was melting the dry ice, per Colette advice :)

Now i am off to go pick up my mommie in Salina so she can spend the day with me tomorrow!!!


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