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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Europe Itinerary (Rough)

WHO on earth would do THIS to their Car?! yes those are 26 inch wheels on a crown vic...with those doors like in back to the future car...wtf? lol...anyway here is the "plan" while i am over there.


this is our rough itinerary...on the London open days i want to go see Stonehenge and Abby Road and the guard change at the place. hopefully :)

France, May 24 – June 6
23– Depart Manhattan to Dallas to Paris
24 – Arrive in Dordogne, FRA: initial meetings and course orientation / group workshops / discussion
25 – Day Trip: visits in the area to local sites (Market towns and local museums) – Shooting Day
26 – Day Trip: visits to prehistoric caves – Shooting Day
27 – Day Trip: visits to cathedrals and local museums – Shooting Day
28 – Travel to Avignon via train
29 – Visits to Marseille or Nice
30 – Travel to Lyon via train
31 – Travel to Paris, FR via train: Lumiere Museum in Lyon then travel to Chalon sur – Saone (home and research center of early photography, Daguerre & Niepce)

1 – visit Louvre Museum and Champs Elysee
2 – visit French Academy of Sciences and Diorama Museum – Shooting Day
3 – Shooting Day (tour: Notre Dame, St. Chapelle, Musee D’Orsay)
4 – Discussion and critique over written projects / photographs in Paris
5 – Travel to London, ENG via train (Chunnel)

England, June 7 – June 20
6 – Arrive in London, ENG
7 – Day Trip: Laycock Abbey, Berkshire (home of early UK photo research, Henry Fox Talbot – prepared workshop with Abbey curator)
8 – Shooting Day: alternative visits: National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery
9 – visit National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire
10 – Discussion and critique over written projects / photographs
11 – Open Day
12 – Day Trip: Dimbola Museum (home of early artistic photos and photographer Julia Margaret Cameron)
13 – Open Day
14 – Shooting Day
15 – visit London Galleries (Saatchi, Photographers Gallery, etc)
16 – visit Royal College of London & Autobiograph (early centers of Photographic education and degree granting & Photographic Archive)
17 – visit Tate and Tate Modern Museums
18 – Discussion and critiques
19 – Open Day
20 – Depart London

So in four weeks i will get to see the MONA LISA, STONEHENGE AND EIFFEL Tower!!!!!!! OMJEEZ i am so excited!

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