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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Hope is Gone :)

I enjoy Slipknot very much. almost as much as KISS and Alice Cooper...ALMOST.

I went to doctor today and she poked me with needles and took out blood and all that jazzy stuffs. just to make sure i have all my immunizations (dude totally spelled that right without help of spell check :) up to date for my trip!! but it was NOT fun, i get to go back Friday for more poking and sticking of needles in my skin. :(

Well the next 48 hours are going to be super crazy and busy. Thursday i have ceramics and AXE and a demo show i am going to try and get to and Friday is another show and getting ready to initiate twelve new pledged in to the fraternity. so so much fun! just busy! and Friday is my baby brothers 17th birthday, and i still remember the day he was born. and i have to miss his b-day :( only fitting because i missed my other brothers 21st birthday :( stupid me for wanting a degree and choosing a college that was so far away... oh well i am ALMOST done so woot woot.

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