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Friday, July 19, 2013

Day One

After we arrived we checked in at our hotel.  Loren had so much fun jumping on the beds and exploring the place!

We quickly freshened up and headed to the T-Rex Cafe. Which was pretty neat! They have anamatronic (sp?) dinosaurs and huge fish tanks with sharks and other life size prehistoric animals. It was pretty cool. Pricey but neat. 

After we ate our dinner they brought out a cupcake for Loren and sang to her.  She got embarrassed and hid her face for a second bit she did tell them thank you. 

Finally we explored the gift shop.  Phew $22 for a youth small shirt? No thanks.  We let her build a stuffed T-Rex instead it was cute. 

Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium and another themed restaurant called fritz? It delivers your food on a train.  Pretty cool if you ask me :)

G nite

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