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Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday trip!

The 17th was my daughters second birthday so we decided to take a trip to help celebrate it.  When my hubby grew up his family took lots of trips and vacations.  This is Lorens first vacation!!

As many know no trip cam start or on time or normal lol.  I was packing our bathroom stuff and Loren was "helping" me. Well she got a hold of joshs razor and cut her lip. Man that bleed forever lol anyway wet got the car loaded and headed out. Thankfully she slept until we got to Topeka so the first part of the road trip went smoothly. We are still about 20 minutes from the motel so I hooked up the portable dvd players and now we are watching bubble guppies. 

For dinner I think we are going to go to the T-Rex Cafe.  I hope she likes it!!

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