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Friday, May 10, 2013

It's been awhile..

Life as a mother is quite busy. I've lost part of myself while in the roll, but the amount I have gained is amazing. My daughter is almost two and she brings such joy to my life. I know its cheesy to say that, but its how I feel.

Since my last post we have moved back into wichita. Been hit by a tornado after being back only a month. (Funny story, a month after moving to Manhattan it was it by a tornado) We moved again to be closer to family. Had Lorens first birthday, so many things. Too many to mention. Oh And I accepted a position with a corporate studio. While I love the job I feel like its consuming my life. But that's another blog for another day

my baby bro moved to Seattle. Oh how I miss him. Sure I only saw him once maybe twice a week, it still sucks to watch your baby brother grow and decide to move away.

It's also mothers day weekend. I can't help but wonder if my husband will think to do anything for me...

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